Text-to-speech and voice effects were added to Instagram Reels yesterday. These features are already popular on TikTok, but producers can now use them on Instagram as well.

This is just another attempt by Instagram to stay up with TikTok in terms of short-form video, as Instagram rewards creators with large reel bonuses.

Material-to-speech is an essential accessibility function that aids people who are blind or have impaired vision in understanding written text.

However, videos featuring these synthetic voices were so popular on TikTok that the voice actor behind the feature sued the company for using her recordings without her consent. TikTok changed the voice behind the function after she filed her case.

Text-to-speech voiceovers are frequently used by creators not for their accessibility benefits, but because having a monotonous, synthetic voice narrate their content can be amusing.

The text-to-speech feature may be found in the Reels camera’s text tool. When you’ve finished recording or uploading a video, go to preview to add text. After you’ve added the content, a text bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to schedule when the text will show.

You can now access a menu for each text bubble by tapping a three-dot icon, which will give you the opportunity to add a text to speech voiceover. There are two voice options available.

Voice effects, on the other hand, allow you to be even more inventive with your reels. These options allow you to change the audio or voiceover in your post.

To view these effects, access the audio mixer by tapping the music note after you’ve finished recording your reel. You’ll then see an effects menu where you can change the audio in your reel or voiceover.