The fastest growing housing domain
Unlike other providers, there are many benefits to using fast domain hosting. Contains:


24/7 toll free phone support
Average grip time <2 min
30 day money back guarantee
Quick setup – use your site now!
Free 1 click installer for over 50 scripts
Free blog,
Free shopping cart
Free CMS (Content Management System)
Free domain name or domain transfer
Simplicity. . .
Fast Domain only offers two packages. This is ideal for those who do not want to overload the information of many options.

. . . But go to the website
However, we found that some planning information on the Fast Domain website was somewhat confusing and somewhat difficult.

This is frustrating, especially for the method buyer type.

For example: On the Fast Domain homepage, at the bottom, you will see the “Have web hosting plans”, and then a short list of features and the “Tell me more” button. When you click the button, you will be taken to a page listing the plans (as you might expect) but with all the available features of the fast domain. The marketing tagline on this page is “Complete Solution”, which can be mistaken for a project name.

To list two plans of fast domains, compare them with their attendance characteristics and one:

Go to the “Help Center” navigation link at the top of the site
Then scroll down to the document called “Shared Hosting Package” and click on it
And then scroll down a few more.
This is not natural for the user and does not meet the demands of today’s users, leaving the site within seconds if they do not find what they are looking for immediately.

Also: Packages are given different names in different parts of the site. The low-level package is called “Basic” on a page, but when you click “Sign up today”! The button on the Fast Domain homepage only indicates the length of the package agreement: e.g. “12 month package,” “24 month package,” and so on. For this review, we call the lower level package “Basic”.

Similarly, the top level package is called “Pro” and “Pro Package” on one page. If you “Sign up today!” Button, named “Professional Pro”. We call this “Business Pro” for this review.

Shared hosting
Shared hosting means that the files on your site are on the server, which also includes files from other sites. All resources on the server are shared between physical and software-related sites. There is really no limit to how much of the site’s resources can be utilized. In some cases, this may mean that your site is performing poorly (such as when one or more of your servers see a sudden increase in neighborhood traffic).

Fast Domain’s options are for small or medium-sized businesses that receive normal traffic loads on their sites and host resource-intensive files such as product catalogs filled with high-resolution images or large video files. Do not use.

If you show high resolution photos or embed videos on your pages, this does not mean that the fast domain is not right for you – this means that these items should not be the primary content on your site.

Select Basin & Trade Pro
When you sign up, you can choose between two types of partnership plans: Basic and Business Pro.

Business Pro Plan‌ includes everything included in the basic plan and has more speed, more power and fewer customers.

Basic planning
The basic plan includes everything you need to do to make your site online. If you want to try for a while, or want to see light traffic, this is a good choice for you. If you are migrating from any other shared hosting plan to fast domain, this is also an option for you.

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